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Automatically Provision a CloudGuard Security Gateway in AWS Technical Level

The automatic provisioning of a CloudGuard Security Gateway is achieved by providing the Security Management Server credentials, so that it can connect to the AWS cloud environment in which the Security Gateway is deployed, and a configuration template to apply on the Security Gateway. Then, the CloudGuard Security Gateway is tagged so that the Management Server can identify it, create a trusted connection with it, and automatically provision it.

For more information on how to deploy a Security Management Server and how to configure it to automatically provision CloudGuard Security Gateways deployed in AWS, see sk130372.


To deploy an automatically provisioned CloudGuard Security Gateway, use one of the two CloudFormation templates:

Description Download Direct Launch
Creates a new VPC and deploys a CloudGuard Security Gateway into it.
Deploys a CloudGuard Security Gateway into an existing VPC.


The templates automatically deploy a CloudGuard Security Gateway tagged with AWS tags according to the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Gateway Address Either "private", or "public". Determines if the gateway is controlled using its private or public address.
Management Server The name of the Management Server you have chosen when setting up the automatic provisioning with the Security Management Server.
Configuration Template The name of the configuration template you have chosen when setting up the automatic provisioning with the Security Management Server.

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