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Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for SMB R80.20.05 Technical Level

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Availability
  • List of resolved issues per HotFix
  • Revision History


R80.20.05 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator is an accumulation of stability and quality fixes. This Incremental Hotfix and this article are periodically updated with new fixes.

The list below describes each resolved issue and provides a Take number, in which the fix was included. A resolved issue is included in the Incremental Hotfix starting from the Take number listed in this table (inclusive). In addition, you can find the date when the take was published in the table below.

Important Note: This may not be the latest firmware release. To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.


Build 992001208 is the latest R80.20.05 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator General Availability release that can be directly downloaded from this article:

Download Package 1500 Appliance
R80.20.05 Image (IMG)
package for 

Resolved Issues per Build

This is a Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R80.20.05. The issues below will be integrated into the upcoming release for R80.20 SMB (R80.20.10).

ID Description
SMB-12643 If you add a NAT rule which uses the Web Browsing service, this error message appears: "Error has occurred while applying the NAT setting."
SMB-12733 When you create an internet connection with a static IP, the default gateway field does not appear in the WebUI if the appliance's DNS servers are configured manually.
SMB-12721 Use of the SNMP to collect serial numbers is not supported in 1500 devices.
SMB-12734 SIP does not work with non-standard ports (ports other than 5060).
SMB-12100 Connectivity failures occur when the internal network is configured in bridge mode and the IP address is assigned to one these bridge types: LAN port or multiple LAN ports + wireless interface(s), LAN port(s) + WAN.
SMB-12604 In appliances running R80.20.05 firmware in locally-managed mode, direct connections to the appliance (e.g. SNMP) might be rejected even when an Incoming policy rule is defined for the relevant service.
SMB-12588 In 1530/1570 appliances with a valid licence, an SNMP query fails to get CPU and memory stats.
SMB-12288 When the user opens the Device Details page in the WatchTower application, a gateway permission error appears.
SMB-12332 Missing icons in the Security Logs page which is part of the appliance portal.
SMB-12431 If you change the MAC address of a port (MAC clone), it reverts back to the previous address after a reboot.
SMB-12293 You can not configure a service with multiple port ranges, for example: "80, 100-102". 
SMB-12555 Outgoing VPN traffic is blocked by APPI due to wrongfully applied policy.
SMB-12203, SMB-12310, SMB-12316 High network load causes the system to fail.
SMB-12309 Cloud Services activation fails when the registration key is more than 9 characters in length.
SMB-12280 When Application Control / URL Filtering is enabled, the Gateway tries to parse traffic as HTTP packets for non-standard HTTP ports, causing the traffic to be dropped."


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05 July 2020 First release of this document

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